2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DD
020 7729 1051
Good For:
Quirky, French

Rating Breakdown:
Range of wines: 15/20
Personality: 18/20
Value for money: 8/10
Rating Total: 41/50

List Summary

A list which is bittersweet for WineChap: We admire it tremendously, we love it in fact; because it is concise and constantly features new listings, which means it remains fresh, interesting, evolving and full of exciting smaller parcels of rarities all things we look for in a modern carte. BUT, its a cruel mistress, exacting and capricious: As its real pain to keep updated and thus offers a great opportunity for WineChap Chums to earn credits towards free Champagne as vintages move on and Bins are de-listed. However it is good to see the great Sir Terence showing the new kids on the block how cutting edge he remains.

Organised geographically and French-dominated, with much emphasis given to regional France (the influence of their main wine supplier and previous consultant much in evidence). A focus on the richly Pinot Noir-dominated house of Philipponat is the highlight of a refreshingly eclectic Champagne list. An exotic bunch of Italian whites shun obvious varietals and producers. Some top Rhone Reds headline the extensive choice from South and South-West France but then we stumble on to a real rarity a list of clarets that really tickle WineChaps fancy: Well-chosen, well-priced and well-aged Bordeaux, what a joy. - The New World selection is brief but judiciously chosen, with a strong choice of rarer Antipodean Pinot Noirs. The list also has some fun magnums at prices which will almost certainly weaken your resolve, even at lunch.

The passion and the attention paid to the wines is evident throughout the list, but in May 2010, Prescott & Conran Limited took their zeal a step further, launching Château Boundary. This is a free wine club for beginners, enthusiasts, connoisseurs – basically all oenophiles are welcome. You can find out more about the benefits of membership, upcoming events and how to join by visiting